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You have arrived at the right place for presentation help. Your personal presentation aide, Chris Reich (Rich) is ready to assist you with the best presentation you have ever delivered. I understand what it means to have a lot at stake in a presentation. You’ll get professional materials and expert advice (if you want it).

I offer a complete presentation assistance service. Complete. If you need an incredible presentation for an important meeting, call me. I am ready to go to work on your project. Your slides will look great. That means you will look great. I can offer you ideas that will take you beyond slides. Sometimes you get maximum impact by turning off the projector and connecting with your audience. I have lots of ideas just waiting for your call.

Beyond Good-Looking Slides

Here a few things I’ve done for clients recently.

Medical Conference


Surgeon had found a life-saving piece of information while analyzing a huge volume of data. He came to me with an outline for 50 slides of mostly very technical data. I created a huge (4 x 8 foot) chart that he could use to walk through the finding from his first intuition to the supporting data to the stunning conclusion. It went so well, further research was commissioned.

Closed the Deal


Client had nearly lost a long-standing relationship with their biggest customer. For the first time in 5 years, the customer opened a very big sale to open bid. Losing one sale meant losing that customer. I taught some negotiation principles to the sales team and then spent 2 days creating a presentation with an entirely fresh approach. Deal closed.

Face the Music


Small bank was in a delicate position. Economic conditions forced some painful write offs. It’s time to face the stakeholders and report the first negative year in the bank’s long history. Small bank but some stakeholders were third generation investors. I understood that this was about a lot more than money. It was about trust. I worked with the president to craft the message. He called after the stakeholder meeting: “It went better than if I had reported a profit!”

You deserve the best level of expertise and service.



You have a deadline. I always finish on time.



If you want a presentation that will stimulate positive interest, call me.


Slides aren’t always your best option. How about a fresh idea?


I have helped craft messages for very delicate sitations.



On-site coaching is an option to consider if your presentation is important enough.



Get help with the design of your presentation, get fresh ideas to enhance or reduce impact, receive personal coaching on delivery, and have technical help and support on the big day.

Chris Reich (Prounced Rich)

Professional and insightful service will make this your best presentation.

Chris Reich (Pronounced "Rich")

Chris Reich (Pronounced "Rich")

Executive Presentation Assistant

I am professional, experienced, and proven presentation adviser. Contact me if you would like advice crafting your important message. We can work together securely online or in person at your office.

Available to Executives Who Want the Best

Isn’t that you?

We Believe That Service Matters 

My Clients Value What We I For Them

I got the job!

“Thank you for your professional assistance with my final interview. I was thrown when they asked for an executive presentation but you came through with great slides and helpful advice—on short notice. Once I get established I’ll be calling you to help me get things turned around.”

Closed the deal...

“I am so glad we found you. Your suggestions helped close the deal. The lead did a much better job getting through to the buyer. We want to have you out here again in about 2 months if you are available. Thanks.”

The presentation went very well.

“As you know, this was my first presentation to the CEO and I was nervous as heck about it. Your help was great. I got very positive feedback from the CEO. You were right about that material we added – good call. I would like to get training for my unit if we can find money in the budget. Thanks again. Call me next week.”

Commonly asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered in out F.A.Q. below please give us a call. (530) 467-5690

What do you offer?

I help with all aspects of presentation. If you have a presentation that needs polish, I can help you. If you have no idea where to start, I can help you create an outline and put your material together.

If you need a concept for an important presentation or big announcement, I can help there too. Slides aren’t always the answer. Maybe a well-planned demonstration would be more appropriate.

Need help with your speaking skills? I can coach you to be a better speaker.

I often work with my clients at their location. That’s not cheap but if you have something important at stake, it’s well worth the investment.

Do you use templates?

No. When we create your presentation, we design a look that is appropriate for your situation. All our work is original. Why? Templates look like templates. We want your presentation to be fresh, not canned.

Can you work with our required template?

Our company has a template we have to use. Can you work with that? Absolutely. Many companies have required formats and we are happy to work your material into the template.

What file format will I receive?

When the work is completed to your satisfaction, we will send you the fully editable PowerPoint file. It belongs to you.

We send PDF proofs throughout the process so you can see progress and provide changes as needed. PowerPoint files do not open properly on phones so we use PDFs for review.

I don't want anyone to find out I used your service. Confidential?

Yes. Look around. I use no names on my website. All work is confidential. Nothing you send me will be seen by anyone other than me. I do not send any work out nor do I share any projects with assistants. NO EXCEPTIONS.

I don't know any PowerPoint. Can you still help me?

Yes. You can put what you want to say in a Word file or even an email. I need to understand what you want to say. Also, let me know if there are any constraints. For example, some clients tell me things like, “it must be 10 slides.” I’ll need to know the rules.

If you can’t rough it out in PowerPoint, make a Word document like this:

Slide 1: Title Page
Q2 Results, Manufacturing Division
Sally Smith, Director of Manufacturing

Slide 2: Overview
We had a generally good quarter except for the increased material cost. This was due to a temporary jump in the price of copper which has since stabilized.


You will come to our office?

Yes. You will benefit from having personal coaching for your important presentation and that works best in person. I can come to you, help with the presentation design and provide executive training to you and your team. Imagine your next presentation being your best ever. It could be.

Are your rates negotiable?

Sorry, no. My service is valuable and professional. I always return value on my work. One client saved over $3 million in a delicate situation with one of their customers. The presentation I created turned the situation around and everyone was happy. That was certainly worth $2500 for an onsite project.

Can you work with a group?

Of course. I recently helped an executive sales team close a large deal. It was exciting to be part of a team.

I need an idea for an employee meeting. Can you help?

I love these projects. Yes. Tell me your objectives and I will help you meet them. Want to give the team some encouragement? Let’s design more than just a few slides with the usual pep talk. Let’s fire them up.

I have bad news for our shareholders. How do I present that?

This is a very delicate situation and requires a steady hand. You want to be honest and transparent but you should include positive news and give encouragement. I would be happy to help craft the message with you.

What about training classes?

I offer professional, executive presentation training taught at your office. You will learn how to create your slides in a way that saves a lot of time. You will learn a process to create a presentation within minutes based on an intelligent strategy. Call for details: (530) 467-5690

Would you like your next presentation to be your best ever?

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I am based in Northern California and (nearly always) available to help you.
7 days a week, Pacific Time Zone, All calls returned same day

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Postal: Etna, California

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